Genesis Of North India Chapter….

Hello everyone. This is Aman Sharma, member of the core team of North India Chapter. Since this is going to be very first post at our official blog, I thought to kick off things by using a non-tech route and share the story behind the genesis of North India Chapter.

I, along with other team-members, come from North India. There is a lot of IT presence in this part of India. But one thing, that I always felt is lacking here is the absence of any conference or technical meet-ups. Yes, there are plenty of seminars that are being held but most of them don’t really match up with the quality and content that we find happening at the IT hubs of India i.e. Hyderabad, Banglore etc.

Now, one may ask, so what’s the big issue here? You can always travel to one of such cities and can attend the conference. Yes, that’s correct but the issue is, not always it’s a possibility to take out time from your schedule and travel. Also, it would be quite costly for someone staying, for example, at Chandigarh and is willing to attend, even for one-day conference happening at Banglore. Think about the cost of taking a flight with a return ticket, hotel and personal expense in addition to the conference fee-whatever it may be. And that’s why many of the professionals just give up the idea. They are really willing to attend such conferences which are purely technical , meet with the top Guru’s of Oracle technology world. But distance and the added cost overheads just ruin the entire motivation.

And that did bother me, for a very very long time.

I expressed this desire to AIOUG’s president(ex) and world renowned RAC expert, Murali Vallath. He suggested to do something which he did for years-organizing regular tech meetings,in a more informal manner. Also, he promised to give complete support once the process is started to keep the momentum going. And that was the “go-ahead” I was looking for. I immediately talked to few friends( who later on became the core team of North India Chapter, a big shout-out to all the members) and we had the very first such tech-meet organized at Chandigarh in March-2014.

And since then, we have been working very hard with a sole focus in mind-to create a platform where we all can come, bring our learning and experiences and share it with the other professionals. The journey so far has been really fantastic , thanks to all the support, motivation and encouragement that we get each and every day from you, the Oracle community.

I shall close this post with a video which was recorded at Sangam 2014. I was given the chance to share the story with the attendees of Sangam by Murali.

A big thanks to Murali Vallath, AIOUG and especially to you, the fellow member of Oracle community ,for all the support. It is you and your support only because of which, we shall keep on trying to do our bit as the journey of ours, the North India Chapter, has only just begun.

Oh yes, almost forgot, a very happy 2016 to you and to your loved ones! 🙂


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